Discover truly authentic 'made in Malaysia' food in Penang food and have a Penang Food Adventure in Penang!

Penang is sometimes referd to as the Food Capital of Malaysia - that is, if you are looking for authentic fabulous street food or hawker food. The best place to try out Malay, Chinese, Nyonya (Nonya), Indian food and typical hawker food by walking round the streets of Penang.
Food is cheap at roadside stalls, or coffee shops and small restaurants that are scattered all over the state.

Gurney Drive foodstalls

Discover where to get your favourite Penang food in My Penang. Don't leave Penang without sampling her hawker food (street food) such as - Penang Hokkien Mee, Penang Char Koay Teow, Nasi kandar, Penang Laksa, Nyonya Kueh and Chee Cheong Fun

Where to eat in Penang
Coffee shops - shops that are usually not air-conditioned but with wide open doors,  where you can get a drink or meal or rice or noodles - lunch dinner or supper. There are numerous coffee shops all over town. Some of the best hawker food in Penang are in these shops.

Restaurants - are air-conditioned or coffee shop-styled places. Restaurants sell specialty food - Chinese, Indian, Thai, Continental/Western. Usually open for lunch and/or dinner. Some eating places are open-air businesses serving rice with dishes of seafood, which opens for dinner. Try a Nonya / Nyonya Restuarant and sample the Penang Nonya food which is unique to Penang.

Roadside stalls - consists of hawker stalls (street vendors) selling a variety of street food or drinks. You will find more roadside stall at night, or in the morning when it is cool. Many Penangites dine at these stalls. Penang is know as for her hawker food.

Food court - holds many hawker stalls at a location - can be open air (usually open at night) or in an shopping mall. Coffee houses and fast food joints - you can find many franchise joints such as, Kentucky, Starbuck, MacDonald, etc. here.

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