Nyonya Food or Peranakan Cusine

Nyonya Food or Peranakan Cuisine originates from the Peranakans (meaning local born) or Baba and Nonyas.

Nonya food is a blend of Malay and Chinese cooking style and ingredients and Penang Nonya cooking is also influenced by Thai cooking, due to the proximity to Thailand.   The taste of Nonya cooking is unique and the cooking style is a time consuming art resulting in its special flavour.   The basic ingredients in Nonya cooking are lemon grass, galangal, chillies, screw pine, tamarind, lime leaves, palm sugar and many other spices.

Note: Baba and Nyonya refer to early Chinese migrants who came to the Malay peninsular from the 18th century to 19th century. Some married Malays or are decendents of 'old' Chinese families who assimilated many cultural practices of the Malays into their Chinese culture. Though their cultural practices and spoken dialect differ from that of Chinese, they are administratively not classified as a cultural group and are classified as Chinese. (Nyonya is spelt Nonya in Singapore)


Asam Pedas

Acar Awak

Some popular Nyonya Food includes

  • Dishes and curry: Acar Ikan, Acar Awak, Asam Pedas, Jui Hoo Char, Otak-otak, etc
  • Rice Cakes and Meal: Pulut inti, Nasi Ulam, Nasi Kunyit

Ang Koo kueh (Nyonya Kueh)

Penang Hokkien Mee

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