Sia Boey - George Town Urban Park

The Urban Archaeological Park, Penang

Location: George Town, Prangin Road

Sia Boey Urban Archaeological Park is a public park in the heart of George Town, Penang. It is located within the area surrounded by Prangin Road, Bridge Street and Maxwell Road. The park, completed in 2019, was the location of the former Sia Boey Market (the old building structure has been retained) and the Prangin Canal.

History of Sia Boey
Sia Boey is the name for a locality in Hokkien, which means "Town's End" (literally, "tail end of the settlement", in Hokkien). The name came about in the 19th century, when city centre of George Town could only be reached by Prangin Canal.
The archaeologists in 2015 discovered that the Prangin Canal consists granite walls sitting on top a foundation created of bakau and nibong logs. A canal lock controlled water discharge from a basin that served as a reservoir. The canal was approximately 20 feet wide and 5 feet deep. The Prangin Canal in the 19th century served as the main waterway for farmers/ vendors to bring their good, produce and livestock, by sampan or barge, up to the Sia Boey market.

Urban rejuvenation
A makeover project of Sia Boey, incorporating the archeological dimension, was undertaken by the Penang Development Corporation together with George Town World Heritage Incorporated on March, 2018. To clean up and beautify the stretch of Prangin Canal, waters of the dirty monsoon drain was diverted to a new culvert. running parallel to the exposed Prangin Canal. The drain water passing through the Prangin Diversion goes through a bio-filtration system, using Japanese bio-remediation technology. The cleaned-up Prangin Canal is today turned into a pristine koi pond.

In November 2019, the Sia Boey Urban Archaeological Park finally opened to the public, with a public square, landscaped with trees and a children's playground.

Koi Pond

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