China Town
If you ask a Penangite where is China Town in George Town, he/she is bound to be confused, because George Town is predominantely Chinese in many way.

Thus the area referred to as Chinatown on Penang Island is fairly extensive.   It is considered to stretch from Weld Quay to areas around Lebuh Stewart, Lebuh Campbell and Lebuh Kimberly, Jalan Pintai Tali, Jalan Penang and Lebuh Carnavon, and the adjoining side streets and alleys. Located in these areas are the old Chinese settlements of mainly pre-war houses.  


A walk along this sector of George Town will offer a fascinating insight into the lifestyle of the early Chinese settlers and the changing faces of the urban environment. Many of the shops on the smaller roads and alleys still depict the typical pre-war colonial façade and architecture.The urban population here is predominantly Chinese and many of the traditional trade and cultural practices can still be seen from the day to day activities here. This sector of town is a mix of both residences and businesses, with businesses on the ground floors and residential dwellings above. All types of merchandise are found here, from trendy clothes, curios, photographic equipments, Chinese prayer items, local foodstuff to even coffins. Businesses have changed through the years but some traditional trades still strive. These streets were the main shopping areas in the 1960s and 1970’s before big shopping complexes were built on the Island.

     Located along Jalan Penang is the Chowrasta Market, the largest and oldest wet market and oldest shopping centre on the island.   The place is still striving with activity from the early mornings.   Stalls within and along the side streets sell local foodstuff, textile, bags and other a variety of knick-knacks.   Pushcarts, vendors or hawkers are often found along the many streets and side lanes in these areas – a good place to walk around and sample the many hawker or local food of Penang.

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